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InspireSemi is dedicated to developing and delivering superior solutions for blockchain, HPC, AI and other compute-intensive applications.

As innovators work to bring breakthrough products to market faster than ever, they are constantly challenged to gain affordable compute speeds and energy efficiencies needed to be competitive.

InspireSemi is uniquely positioned to partner with innovators through its commitment to a versatile architecture with blistering speed, energy efficiency, open developer-friendly programming model, and game-changing affordability.


Setting New standards of compute power, energy efficiency and flexibility for a range of applications

InspireSemi is dedicated to delivering superior solutions for blockchain, HPC, AI, and other compute-intensive applications. Led by an accomplished team with a proven track record, we are currently developing our second-generation accelerator solution. It features a versatile sea-of-cores processor architecture with an established software ecosystem, and sets new standards of performance and energy efficiency.

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