Existing HPC, AI, graph analytics, and blockchain compute solutions are no longer “good enough”.  

They are expensive, hard to program, power hungry, and only work for limited applications.

High Performance Computing

Engineering, Scientific, Life Sciences, Graph Analytics, and FinTech applications achieve new standards of performance, scale, and efficiency. Significantly, these include CPU-intensive applications that are not well suited to GPU accelerators. Our “supercomputer cluster-on-a-chip” leverages thousands of modern 64 bit RISC-V CPU cores interconnected with an extreme-bandwidth, low-latency on-chip mesh network fabric. Further, this fabric can support up to 256 chips to address large problems! Key HPC compilers, libraries and tools are supported via the rich RISC-V open source ecosystem. The developer-friendly CPU programming model greatly simplifies software development and eliminates vendor lock-in (e.g.- CUDA, ROCM, FPGAs, etc.). This also simplifies and enables AI-augmented HPC for even bigger advancements.

AI / Machine Learning

Unleash your AI applications from data bottlenecks and undue expense to radically accelerate innovation, insights, and achieve greater market impact. Our next generation accelerator leverages thousands of modern 64 bit RISC-V processor cores interconnected with an extreme-bandwidth, low-latency on-chip mesh network fabric that enables very large memory models. All major AI frameworks and tools are supported via the rich RISC-V open source ecosystem. The developer-friendly CPU programming model greatly simplifies software & algorithm development and eliminates vendor lock-in (e.g.- CUDA, ROCM, proprietary AI chips, etc.). And it easily enables the convergence of AI+HPC for greater productivity and deeper insights.

Blockchain operations

Maximize the profitability of your blockchain operations, including crypto currency and mining, by tapping into the superior performance and energy efficiency of our next generation accelerator chip. InspireSemi has built on the success of our Gen1 ASIC with a fully programmable Gen2 chip that includes dedicated acceleration for key blockchain algorithms. Blistering speed, energy efficiency, a standard CPU programming model, and game-changing affordability make it an ideal choice for blockchain applications. As a bonus, its versatility allows you to also use it for HPC and AI/ML applications for even better ROI.


Setting New standards of compute power, energy efficiency and versatility for a range of applications

InspireSemi is dedicated to delivering superior solutions for HPC, AI, graph analytics, blockchain and other compute-intensive applications. Led by an accomplished team with a proven track record, we are currently developing our next generation accelerator solution. It features a versatile sea-of-cores processor architecture with an established software ecosystem, and sets new standards of performance, ease of use, and energy efficiency.


Enabling tomorrow’s innovation today

InspireSemi’s powerful  ‘Thunderbird’ “supercomputer cluster-on-a-chip” accelerator architecture is based on an array of thousands of modern, efficient, and powerful 64-bit CPU cores, tightly integrated with high speed memory and networking.  It is an ideal and versatile platform for high-performance computing (HPC), AI/machine learning, and ultra-efficient blockchain applications.

Leveraging the modern open-source RISC-V CPU ISA (instruction set architecture) provides access to an established, thriving ecosystem of software, libraries, and development tools. Our developer-friendly all-CPU programming model eliminates vendor lock-in and greatly simplifies software development, QA, and maintenance, since there is no need to support multiple and often proprietary software stacks (e.g.- x86, CUDA, ROCM, FPGAs, etc.). This also enables the combination of HPC & AI on one platform for deeper insights and bigger advancements.

Our highly optimized, proprietary on-chip mesh network provides extreme bandwidth and low latency communications between cores. Tightly integrated with the cores and distributed memory, it removes crucial bottlenecks from applications that depend on close cooperation between many independent threads. Arrays of hundreds of chips – up to one million processor cores – connect seamlessly via high-speed serial transceivers.

Compared to a modern datacenter GPU, ‘Thunderbird’ provides all the raw computational power with far greater flexibility and agility. Our advanced network fabric enables far better cooperation between cores. And our roots in extremely power- and cost-sensitive blockchain computing enable us to provide this performance with considerably higher energy efficiency than leading GPU’s.


10X throughput
30-60% power reduction
Existing software ecosystem
60-75% below competitors’ pricing
  • Thousands of powerful 64-bit RISC-V superscalar CPU cores can leverage an  established, thriving software ecosystem


  • Developer-friendly CPU programming model greatly simplifies software & algorithm development, eliminates vendor lock-in, and provides maximum versatility for HPC, AI, and blockchain applications


  • Superscalar, vector, and tensor operations


  • Dedicated acceleration for several blockchain algorithms


  • Ample high-speed SRAM memory tightly integrated with processor cores


  • Extreme-bandwidth, low-latency on-chip mesh network fabric for both inter- and intra-chip connectivity 


  • Support for seamless multi-chip arrays approaching one million cores via high-speed SerDes links


  • Support for large amounts of onboard DDR DRAM, SSD storage, PCIe, and 40G ethernet

Executive Summary

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